The EAZY Multi Thermostat LCD is a room thermostat to control electrical underfloor heating systems and infrared heating systems (infrared panels) as well as water-based surface heating systems. The thermostat can be installed in all common European junction boxes and can be used without frame in the switch programme with almost all 55 frames or as stand-alone version with the supplied frame A stable metal frame ensures a secure fastening to the junction box.

The setting of the requested room temperature between 5 and 40 °C is possible thanks to user-friendly, pressure-sensible buttons. Two external temperature sensors can be connected. The EAZY Multi Thermostat LCD is programmable in three modes: heating, cooling and eco.

The ZeroX technology is implemented in the thermostat. It ensures that the relay is switched on and off at almost 0 volt. Thanks to this technology, the thermostat has a very long life. The EAZY Multi Thermostat LCD is available in the white and black.


  • Room sensor
  • Floor sensor
  • Power controller
  • Temperature limiter