Fully automatic hydronic balancing

Klemmleiste EAZY Base 3 Balance BAFA förderfähig 2023
Hydronic balancing? This is easily possible thanks to the EAZY Base 3 Balance.

Hydronically balanced with the EAZY Base 3 Balance from EAZY Systems

We have set ourselves targes to design our single room control efficiently, energy and cost-saving and durable. We rely on decades of proven technology to make the system trouble-free and effective.

To compensate a hydronic balancing of the individual heating circuits that has not been carried out or has not been carried out correctly, we use a software-based load balancing. Through a self-developed algorithm, we achieve the even distribution of heat in all rooms. The required information is collected centrally and the control signals are distributed to the components. To ensure this, we do not need any additional components such as contact sensors. We regulate on the basis of the room temperature and not on the basis of the water temperature.

The EAZY Base 3 Balance is used with traditional room thermostats and thermal actuators. For us, it is important to continue to use existing equipment to be able to offer a cost-efficient solution.

An underfloor heating system is a slow system – with all its advantages – which can be controlled excellently nevertheless if it is correctly balanced. The diagram below shows how important the hydronic balancing is for a uniform heat distribution.

What has to be done?

The control must be efficient and simple. Weather data, flow and return flow controls, calibration, initialisation, etc. doe not belong to the single room control, but to the heat source control.

It is only possible to save energy, if already the heat source supplies the optimal energy and the single room control distributes it as needed.

We realise a distribution as needed with the EAZY Base 3 Balance.

Our control algorithm is certified by TÜV Rheinland and is at least an equivalent replacement for manual hydronic balancing.

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FAQ regarding "Automatic hydronic balancing"

How does the hydronic balancing work?

The heat requirements of the different circuits are included in the algorithm which uniformly distributes the opening times of the thermal actuators over a firmly defined period. Thus, sufficient heat is supplied to all heating circuit also in systems which are NOT hydronically balanced. This method only works for inertial heating systems as surface heating systems.

Is it possible to use any controllers with the base station?

All commercially available controllers are compatible with the EAZY system.

Does the base station have a cooling function?

Additional switching components are provided in the base station of the EAZY Base 3 Balance system. They allow an inverting of the controller signals and a transmission to the thermal actuators. This feature makes an operation of the EAZY Base 3 Balance also for cooling possible.

Is the Base able to cool with any controller?

The cooling function is realised by the base station. Commercially available heating controllers can be used for both applications (heating/cooling).

Is it possible that the EAZY Base 3 Balance opens the thermostat valve regularly in summer to avoid a sticking?

The EAZY Base 3 Balance system includes a valve protection function which activates the valves after a certain time of inactivity independently from the season.

Is it necessary to install balancing valves or other balancing devices in the distribution network?

Depending on the local circumstances, it may be necessary to use balancing valves. The EAZY Base 3 Balance system balances the heating loops of one distribution beam and is not appropriate for a balancing of several distribution beams among each other.

Are flow indicators still necessary in combination with the EAZY Base 3 Balance system?

Principally no flow meters are not necessary when the EAZY Base 3 Balance system is used. We recommend maintaining the current setting (as it exists) or to set all flow limiters to full flow.

Is it necessary to initialise or calibrate the EAZY Base 3 Balance?

No. The system runs completely autonomously. No initialisation or calibration is necessary.

What happens while commissioning the base station?

The algorithm analysis the outputs of the controller during the first 30 minutes after connection of the base station. After detection of a cycle, this heating zone participates in the load distribution. If no cycle is detected, the heating zone does not participate in the load distribution and the signal of the controller is transmitted 1:1. The controller outputs are further analysed and the heating zones participates in the load distribution when a cycle is detected.

What exactly happens when switching from heating to cooling on the base station + "at the controller"?

The base has a CO input. If this is activated, the base station inverts the signals from the controllers and passes them on to the actuators. A LED signals the active cooling mode.

Is it possible to bridge the heating zones?

It is principally not planned to connect several heating zones together. The electrical specialist must install a safe system in the scope of the overall system.

Is it possible to control a boiler?

The EAZY Base 3 Balance base station has an output for the heat source requirement.

Is the EAZY Base 3 Balance System compatible with other control components with their own control?

In principle, we cannot make any statements about control components from third-party suppliers. The EAZY Base 3 Balance System is compatible with all standard components. Furthermore, it is not necessary to combine other control components with the EAZY Base 3 Balance System, as the EAZY Base 3 Balance System already takes over the complete control path of the individual room control.