Electric underfloor heating systems

EAZY Electric Underfloor Heating Systems are the perfect solution for a comfortable heating system with only few installation efforts. They are used everywhere where low installation heights are required. EAZY Electric Underfloor Heating Systems offer a high heat output with simultaneous short reaction times.

The heating mats with only 3 mm thickness can be laid easily and quickly and are used e. g. directly in the tile cement. The heating mats with a capacity of 140 or 150 W per m² offer an optimal heat output with only little space necessary. A short reaction time is implemented thanks to a laying near the surface. The EAZY electric underfloor heating systems are perfectly appropriate for a use where a quick heating is required.

Small and large surfaces can be covered by the mats thanks to the different sizes. The mats can be controlled e. g. via an APP with the WiFi capable EAZY Thermostat Matrix. The system can be controlled remotely.


EAZY Electrical Heating Mat

The elegant thermostats - analogue or digital - fit into common switch programmes. When being individually installed, they also ensure a precise and demand-oriented temperature control locally or remotely via app. It is self-adhesive and can be laid directly into the tile cement.

EAZY Elektro Alu Heizmatte

EAZY Electrical Alu Heating Mat

The EAZY Electrical Alu Heating Mat is used when a quick and space-saving installation of the new heating source is necessary. It can be used below every floating floor cover – without spatula.

EAZY Raumthermostat Matrix mit austauschbarem Design-Rahmen oder schlank für das Schalterprogramm

EAZY Thermostat Matrix

The EAZY Thermostat Matrix optically fits into every room: Select the desired combination of display and frame or the frameless version in the switch programme very easily. Heating the living room by app control to the desired temperature on the way home. No problem, with the WiFi-capable EAZY Thermostat Matrix .


EAZY Multi Thermostat Z-TRM 6

Das EAZY Multi Thermostat Z-TRM 6 mit ZeroX-Technologie ist ein Raumthermostat mit einem modernen Touch-Display-Bedienfeld für die Regelung von elektrischen Fußbodenheizungen und Infrarot-Panels. Es ist in zwei Farben erhältlich und kompatibel zu diversen Schalterserien. In Kombination mit dem EAZY ZM Single Relais kann es im Smart-Home-System via Z-Wave zur Regelung eingebunden werden.

EAZY ZM Single Relais

EAZY ZM Single Relay

The EAZY ZM Single Relay is an in-wall relay for a wired and smart connection to the EAZY electrical heating systems: it is used in combination with the EAZY Multi Thermostat Z-TRM 6. The EAZY ZM Single Relay can be integrated into an existing smart home system by Z-Wave protocol.