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EAZY Multi Thermostat Analogue


The EAZY Multi Thermostat Analogue with three functions can be simply installed and programmed. Thanks to its design, the thermostat is user-friendly and provided with a setback function. It is equipped with a two-pole switch and fits into the system 55 switch programme.

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You will find a list with the frequently asked questions as well as information on technical terms here:

What is the thread dimension?

The thread dimension can be found on the valve of the heating circuit manifold. Common thread dimensions are, for example: M30 x 1.5 or M28 x 1.5, the latter dimension being less common.

What is the closing dimension?

This is the dimension from the thread basis to the pushed valve tappet. With the EAZY Ding closing dimension gauge, this dimension can be determined on site in order to correctly adapt actuators to existing heating circuit manifolds. Which results can be achieved? Mismatches and wrong adjustments, non-closing or opening heating circuit are a thing of the past. Several trips to the site and a complete exchange of the heating manifold can be avoided.

What is Energy Harvesting?

This technology is used for our radiator thermostat EAZY eTRV nano. But what lies behind it? Energy Harvesting Technology is an innovative form of energy production. Energy Harvesting describes the harvesting of electrical energy from the environment. Energy Harvesting generally uses various technologies that generate electricity from motion or light, for example. The EAZY eTRV nano is equipped with a thermoelectrical nano generator – it obtains the energy from the heat and cold in the environment and therefore does not need any external energy sources.

ZeroX technolog, what is this?

You will find this technology in our EAZY room thermostats – the EAZY Multi Thermostat LCD and the EAZY Multi Thermostat Z-TRM 6. But what lies behind it?

The technology known as ZeroX Detection switches the relay on and off at 0 volt. Consequently, the current flowing through the relay during switching is minimised (see the scheme below). This technology leads to a longer life of the relay, a reduction of wear, customer complaints and thus warranty claims and finally in an increased customer satisfaction.

Most of the suppliers on the market do not offer this special technology. Thermostats without ZeroX technology switch without taking into consideration the sinus wave, i.e. at any point so that an increased load acts on the relay as shown below.

If a relay is equipped with the ZeroX technology, it can switch at any voltage on the sinus wave between 0 and > 330 V AC.

Even if this is not dangerous, a switching at high voltages results in arcs between the contacts. These arcs deform and leave soot on the contact surfaces. The soot reduces the contact surfaces and increases the contact resistance. Consequently, the deformation caused by the arcs is increased. These deformations can cause temporary or permanent burrs between the contacts of the relay resulting in the output being always switched on.

Products with ZeroX technology monitor the voltage and switch at 0 V to prevent the deformation of the relay contact surface. Life and reliability of the device are extended.


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