Electrical infrared heating systems

EAZY electrical infrared heating systems are flexible and easy to install. They are very suitable as a full heating system in energetically balanced buildings. Especially persons suffering from allergies benefit from this type of heating without dust particles circulating in the air. Whether in the living room, the bedroom or the warehouse, the high-quality infrared panels fit into every room thanks to their modern design.

An infrared heating system uses electromagnetic waves to heat objects in the environment. Just like the sun, it radiates energy evenly. The pleasant heat penetrates deeper into the building fabric: Walls and floors warm up better than with radiators.


EAZY Electrical Infrared Heating System

The EAZY Electrical Infrared Heating System permits a specific radiant heat as required in every environment. The flexible infrared panel can either be firmly installed or is free-standing on wooden feet. It is allergy-friendly and energy-efficient and produces a cosy warmth just as a tiled stove.

EAZY Raumthermostat Matrix mit austauschbarem Design-Rahmen oder schlank für das Schalterprogramm

EAZY Thermostat Matrix

The EAZY Thermostat Matrix optically fits into every room: Select the desired combination of display and frame or the frameless version in the switch programme very easily. Heating the living room by app control to the desired temperature on the way home. No problem, with the WiFi-capable EAZY Thermostat Matrix .

EAZY Multi Thermostat LCD

EAZY Multi Thermostat Z-TRM 6

The EAZY Multi Thermostat Z-TRM 6 is a room thermostat with a modern display panel to control electrical underfloor heating systems and infrared panels. It is available in two colours and compatible with several switch series. It can be integrated into the smart home system by Z-Wave for control purposes in combination with the EAZY ZM Single Relay.

EAZY ZM Single Relais

EAZY ZM Single Relay

The EAZY ZM Single Relay is an in-wall relay for a wired and smart connection to the EAZY electrical heating systems: it is used in combination with the EAZY Multi Thermostat Z-TRM 6. The EAZY ZM Single Relay can be integrated into an existing smart home system by Z-Wave protocol.