EAZY 2FLOOR Base anthrazit

The hybrid EAZY 2FLOOR Base station is the flexible control and connection unit for a central information processing and a wireless and wired communication with all system components.

EAZY 2FLOOR Access Point Cloud

EAZY 2FLOOR Access Point Cloud 30bw weiß 30bb schwarz

The EAZY 2FLOOR Access Point is the wired WiFi interface for the EAZY 2FLOOR Base. It connects the system with the cloud for a remote access.

EAZY 2FLOOR Touch Panel Wired

EAZY 2FLOOR Touchpanel Bus 40bw weiß 40bb schwarz_02

The EAZY 2FLOOR Touch Room Thermostat is the wired room thermostat with touch screen of the EAZY 2FLOOR system which makes the central control and an overview of all rooms within the system possible.