Motor-driven 3-point actuator for the use with small valves which require a higher stroke or a larger actuating force and a thermally independent actuation mechanism.

The EAZY Drive MOT 3-point is activated by an appropriate room thermostat. The thermal actuator, which is firmly connected to the cable, is provided with an LED for function signalling and manual valve adjustment which can be used e.g. for the installation or removal purposes. It is mainly used for the energy-efficient control of water-based valves for building services and automation.


  • Stroke 8.5 mm
  • Actuating force 125 N
  • Function signalling via LEDs
  • Very short response times
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to the full control of the motor via micro controller
  • Self-locking gear (without current) in all actuation positions
  • Load-dependent disconnection in case of an overload or when the limit stop or the closing position is reached
  • Manual setting of valve stroke
  • Valve adapter system
  • Easy plug-in installation without tool
  • 100% protection in case of leaking valves (IP 54)
  • 360° installation position
  • Silent and maintenance-free
  • High functional reliability and long life
  • Actuating time 15 s/mm