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What is the thread dimension?

The thread dimension can be found on the valve of the heating circuit manifold. Common thread dimensions are, for example: M30 x 1.5 or M28 x 1.5, the latter dimension being less common.

What is the closing dimension?

This is the dimension from the thread basis to the pushed valve tappet. With the EAZY Ding closing dimension gauge, this dimension can be determined on site in order to correctly adapt actuators to existing heating circuit manifolds. What does this achieve? Mismatches and wrong adjustments, non-closing or opening heating circuit are a thing of the past. Several trips to the site and a complete exchange of the heating manifold can be avoided.

What is Energy Harvesting?

You will encounter this technology with our radiator thermostat EAZY eTRV nano. But what lies behind it? Energy harvesting technology is an innovative form of energy production. Energy harvesting describes the harvesting of electrical energy from the environment. Energy harvesting generally uses various technologies that generate electricity from motion or light, for example. The EAZY eTRV nano is equipped with a thermoelectric nano generator - it obtains the energy from the heat and cold in the environment and therefore does not need any external energy sources.