Motor-driven 0-10 V actuator for the use with small valves which require a higher stroke or a larger actuating force and a thermally independent actuation mechanism.

The EAZY Drive MOT 0-10 V Proportional is an electrically driven actuator to open and close valves for heating and cooling systems.
The EAZY Drive MOT 0-10 V Proportional is activated by a 0-10 V DC control signal via a central DDC system or a room thermostat. The thermal actuator is equipped with a backlit LC display to show the current stroke, the control voltage and the operating modes (open/close) as well as to output the error codes. The actuator has a pluggable connecting cable and a manual valve adjustment which can be used e. g. for maintenance or installation purposes. It is mainly used for the energy-efficient control of water-based valves for building services and automation.


  • Operating voltage 24 V, appropriate for AC and DC operation
  • Stroke 8.5 mm
  • Actuating force 125 N
  • Function signalling via LED
  • Continuous constant valve positioning
  • Very short response times
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to the full control of the motor via micro controller
  • Self-locking gear (without current) in all actuation positions
  • Disassembly protection thanks to a removable locking button
  • Load-dependent disconnection in case of an overload or when the limit stop or the closing position is reached
  • Manual setting of valve stroke
  • Very low power consumption in standby
  • Valve adapter system
  • Easy plug-in installation without tool
  • 100 % protection in case of leaking valves (IP 54)
  • 360° installation position
  • Silent and maintenance-free
  • High functional reliability and long life
  • Actuating time 15 s/mm
  • Control input 0-10 V