The EAZY Ding is an innovative tool to measure the thread dimension and the closing point dimension. It fits into every toolbox and helps to find the correct adjustment of the actuators to the existing heating manifolds. Directly on site. Mismatches and wrong adjustments, non-closing or opening heating circuit are a thing of the past. Several trips to the site and a complete exchange of the heating manifold can be avoided.

The installation and functioning of the EAZY Ding are shown in the following video:


  • Easy determination of the thread dimension and the closing point of the valve
  • Determination of the appropriate closing point of thermal actuators
  • Simple troubleshooting
  • Direct adjustment and verification on site
  • Always the appropriate combination of heating manifold and thermal actuator
  • Shows the tolerances of valves
  • High-quality nickel-plated brass
  • Can also be used for the incoming goods inspection of heating manifolds

Tappet table

Measured value of the closing point gauge and the corresponding appropriate tappet when using EAZY Drive Series 2.1 actuators:

Measured value Tappet colour
12.0 – 13.5 mm: black tappet
11.0 – 12.0 mm (pre-installed): grey tappet
10.0 – 11.0 mm: yellow tappet
9.0 – 10.0 mm: blue tappet
8.0 – 9.0 mm: green tappet
6.5 – 8.0 mm: white tappet

EAZY notes: If the measured value is specified 2x in the table, the tappet for the higher millimeter range must be used. Example: If 8.0 mm are measured, the green tappet must be used. The tappets are only compatible with thermal actuators of the EAZY Drive Series 2.1.

EAZY knowledge: A short explanation of the closing point

Manifolds, valves and thermal actuators must fit for a well matched heating circuit in surface heating circuits. When exchanging thermal actuators, the thread dimension fits almost always, but the so-called thread dimension is much more difficult. This is the dimension from the thread basis to the pushed valve tappet. Thanks to the closing point gauge EAZY Ding, this dimension can be measured on site.

In the picture, both thermal actuators have the same thread dimension:

  • However, the closing point on the left is wrong. The tappet in the thermal actuator (red) is too short. The valve does not close correctly.
  • The thermal actuator in the right picture has a longer tappet (orange). The actuator can now close the valve which is shown by the stroke indication. It is not flush anymore, but 0.5 to 1 mm higher than the casing (a so-called over-stroke).

Example: Use of the EAZY Ding with actuators of the EAZY Drive Series 2.1


The EAZY Ding in combination with the EAZY Drive Series 2.1 actuators makes the optimal adaptation of the thermal actuator to the existing valve very easy.

The loop animation shows the assignment of the tappet by means of the value measured with the EAZY Ding gauge.

EAZY Drive Series 2. 1

When the right tappet is selected, an optimal opening and closing of the valve by the thermal actuators is ensured.

EAZY Ding Adjustment Kit

EAZY Ding Anpassungsset bestehend aus dem EAZY Ding, Stößeln und acht EAZY Drive Serie 2.1 Stellantrieben
  • The EAZY Ding is available in the handy EAZY Ding Adjustment Kit.
  • The kit consists of the EAZY Ding, eight EAZY Drive Series 2.1 actuators, 40 tappets as well as two storage bags.
  • The following versions of the EAZY Drive Series 2.1 actuators are enclosed to the kit:
    – M30 x 1.5 (230 V /24 V),
    – M28 x 1.5 (230 V / 24 V).

Ordering of components

The items of the EAZY Ding Adjustment Kit can be re-ordered. The respective article numbers can be found under the point article numbers or can be learned from the operating instructions.

The operating instructions can be found here: