The EAZY Base 3 Switch is a central connection unit for a surface temperature control of heating systems in single rooms.

This EAZY Base 3 Switch is available with 8 zones in 230 V. The wiring centres are wired with all system components as controllers and actuators with minimum effort. The supply to the system components is directly ensured by the voltage supply of the wiring centre. All switching commands of the controller are directly passed on to the connected system components via the EAZY Base 3 Switch.

The switch version is provided with rotary switches for a flexible assignment of the controllers to the actuators to meet the installation requirements.


  • Design with 8 zones
  • Connection of up to 16 actuators
  • Equipped for heating and/or cooling systems
  • Easy, intuitive installation and operation
  • Assignment of the controller to the actuator by rotary switches
  • Signalling of the status by LEDs
  • Connection for a temperature limiter or a dew point sensor
  • Proven cable routing and standard compliant strain relief
  • Terminal connection technology without screws
  • Clearly arranged terminals
  • Setback channel for a time-controlled set-back of the room temperature
  • Pump control
  • Connection for a temperature limiter or a dew point sensor
  • Heating / cooling function
  • High functional reliability
  • Maintenance-free