EAZY Thermostat 2 Radio LCD is the wireless control unit of EAZY Base 2 Radio system in modern design. Thanks to the comprehensive functionality for the access to all room and system-specific parameters as well as the precise temperature measurement, the setup of a perfectly matched single-room control for a maximum user comfort is possible. In addition, it ensures bidirectional data exchange with the radio base station for retrieving numerous status messages as well as showing them on the large, clear display. Operation is via a rotary knob with turn/push mechanism and fine detent, as well as the always clear, language-neutral indication of the high-quality display.


  • Slim design and small dimensions
  • Self-explanatory, language-neutral operation and user guidance
  • Large, clear LC display
  • Continuous indication of the room temperature, the system time and the operating status
  • Secure 868 MHz radio technology for optimal positioning without cabling effort
  • 3 menu levels (lifestyle functions, parameters and service) for more safety
  • Comfortable operation via the rotary knob (turning-pressing mechanism with fine dynamic detent)
  • Adjustment range 5… 30 °C
  • High-quality design