EAZY Thermostat 2 Radio Analog is the wireless control unit of the EAZY Base 2 Radio system in a modern design. Thanks to the comprehensive functionality for the access to all room and system-specific parameters as well as the precise temperature measurement, the setup of a perfectly matched single-room control for a maximum user comfort is possible. It also ensures bidirectional data exchange with the EAZY Base 2 radio base station.


  • Patented preset value balancing
  • Comfortable operation with the rotary knob with 1/4 degree soft detent
  • On-wall and in-wall socket installation
  • Setpoint value limitation
  • Slim design and small dimensions
  • Self-explanatory user guidance
  • Secure 868 MHz radio technology for optimal positioning without cabling effort
  • Setting range 10 °C – 28 °C
  • High-quality design